Long gone are the days when your office just had one purpose: keep your nose on your screen with nothing more to see than a grey carpet and four bland walls.

Today’s offices are more open and playful. Whether you work from home, rent a desk in a co-working space or work for a firm in their offices, working conditions have dramatically changed. Let's go over the key considerations for you to create an inspiring workspace.

1- Space 

Space is a luxury and if you work from home and are lucky enough to have a dedicated room to do so, try to treat your space as you would for a living room or a bedroom

Choose your furniture wisely. Comfort is paramount when you spend most of your day in front of a computer but don’t forget about style. 

See our Montana range of office chairs 

If you don’t have a dedicated room and not much space, worry not! A wall hanging desks will take no floor space and can create a spot of interest on your wall. 

See the Montana Studio secretary which you can close after hours. 

2- Placement

Why look at a blank wall when you can make it far more interesting? You might want look out of the window. 

If you can’t, you might want to paint a wall a different tone, place artwork above or around it, use a wallpaper or a mural. 

If you are thinking of furnishing an office for several people it is a good idea to think about the interaction between desks and people. Bring the working space in instead of occupying the edges.

3- Mood

Working from home will always feel different than working in an office, but both can be designed for maximum comfort and have bags of character.

The lighting is of prime importance. Stark fluorescent lights have been replaced by warmer yet powerful lighting. Pendants can hang by your side or create a statement with a large overhead classic like the Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke lamp. 

A classic anglepoise or directional light will help you work through the darker time of the day and keep the mood friendly!

If you have space, bring an armchair in for any visitor. 

Surround yourself with objects you love, books that inspire and beautiful art.

4- Store away

To keep your working environment calm and tidy, invest in beautiful pieces of storage. Cabinet or shelves, the choice is vast and all available at Fern and Ade.

In large office space, storage can also act as a bit of a “friendly” separation between people. 

Ok ...back to work ... Lean back on your (office) chair, feel the creativity flowing and bring on the magic! Whether it is for your personal use or if you need to furnish an entire office building give it a go or contact us for any help!