Whether you like to crawl up on a comfy sofa in the darkest corner of the house, share a story time with your little ones or soak up the morning sun with your first cup of coffee, you certainly don’t want to do that in a tired looking space.

We all have a favorite spot in our home. A place where we simply love how the sun hit the wall, where the moon creates moving shadows through the windowpane or simply because the temperature is just right.

1. Accentuate

Try to understand why you do like a particular spot and aim to accentuate this feeling.

If you’re after warmth, add softness and fluff! A rug, some textured cushions, and throws.Check out our collection for a mixture of plain and patterned cushions.

If you are looking for a breeze, choose soft linens, voile that will be lifted by the wind, patterned tiles that will add character to your floor or why not make a feature of your walls.It could also be a fresh looking wallpaper. Check out our wallpaper collection 

2. Define

At Fern & Ade, we think a rug is essential to anchor and outline the perimeter of your special area.

Whether they are deep and wooly or flat weaved, they will define your space. Slip them under your armchair and construct your area above it so everything you need is easily accessible.

Check out our website or contact us to view our collection.

If it’s a sitting corner you’re after. Whether it is to read a book, meditate, drink your first cup of tea or last glass of wine, choose your beautiful seat wisely. Comfort is essential but don’t compromise on style!

Opulence is shining through the Lobby chair, while the open arms of the Fly SC1 invite cosines and lounging.

Make its surrounding easy for you to access in order to optimise comfort. A side table to put that cup of tea.

We love how the Calibre table gives you a versatile array of widths and heights.
Add a footstool if you need your feet up, a beautiful magazine rack if that’s what you’re after.

Perch them on your rug and BANG! Your just landed a beautifully anchored cozy corner.

3. Mood

Don’t forget about the lighting. You certainly don’t want stark lighting ruining a moment of peace. Invest in one or two beautiful pieces, wall, table or floor lamps that you can easily access at the flick of a button.

For a desk area, the same principle works. Make it as comfortable as you would like your living room or your bedroom to be. Whether you like to have a lot of surface to work on or only need a little writing desk, make it cozy.


Although it’s important to see clearly you might find that an overhead light blaring out above your head will quickly give you a headache. Anglepoise or directional lights are perfect as task lighting in order to not strain your eyes without compromising on the mood. Check out the AJ table lamp. 

4. Balance

Strike the right balance between style and function. Too much of the first one over the latter and you’ll end up with a space that’s trying too hard and is over designed. Focusing on the function only will create a bland and sterile space where you will not want to spend time in.

Surround yourself with objects or art that make you happy. This will also make the difference between an anonymous space and one you will connect with.

5. Finally...

Don’t feel limited. Even if you are not blessed with a lot of space, you can create a corner you love on the smallest of areas. It could be a gallery wall in your bedroom, your living room or even a corridor.

It could also be a lovely shelving unit - like the Slice -where you can curate your favorite books or a special object.

Give it a go or contact us for any help!