Are you more about the intimate dinner party or the large gathering around a long table? 

The last few years have seen a trend to knock out walls between the kitchen and the dining room. Hosts can carry on cooking while entertaining their guests at the same time. But recently there has been a shift towards a separate space away from the chaos of cooking and washing. 

Here are a few tricks we use at Fern and Ade to elevate your in-house dining experience whatever your set-up is. 

1. Furniture

If you want friends and family to stay the night away, make your dining space welcoming and comfortable. A small room will accommodate a round table more comfortably and will keep smaller dinner parties very cosy. For larger space, opt for a large rectangular table.

The second aspect to consider are your dining chairs. You want style but if you don’t want to see your guests disappear after the last mouthful, don’t forget about comfort.

At Fern and Ade we have an extensive range available of both stylish and comfortable seats to make your guests feel at home. A rug is always a good idea to make the area softer and define the space further. A sideboard or cabinet to store crockery, glasses or a drinking cabinet will be both practical and decorative.

2. Scheme 

Whether you eat in your kitchen or have a dedicated space, try to give your dining table a defined area. Maybe paint the room a bolder colour than you would normally use. It can even be quite dark in order to create drama. 

If you dine in part of the kitchen, why not paint or use wallpaper on a single wall. That will add depth and make it more distinct from other parts of the kitchen. Art and mirrors will add further interest to your wall too so don’t hesitate to curate them around the room or even splash out on a gallery wall. 

3. Lighting

Mood lighting is essential to create an atmosphere so work on your layers! 

A big statement light or a cluster of smaller ones above your table will create drama. Add on a dimmer and reduce its intensity to avoid stark lighting. 

If your room is large why not add one or two floor lamps to create volume and maybe pattern. If you have a sideboard, create some interest by adding a table lamp with a warm glow or a small light on top of a simple shelf. 

See the beautiful VL studio 250 table in black or brass to turn any shelf into a work of beauty. 

4. Ready - Set - Entertain

Stunning crockery, gleaming glassware and soft linen can do the rest.

Work your table top and present your best dishes in beautiful serving plates in order to compliment your scheme and you are sure to Wow your audience and keep them entertained throughout the evening. 

Happy dining!