The first thing to consider is where you place your sofa. Is it for an office? In which case you want your sofa to hold well and not be too soft - we call this Firm. If you entertain often and use your sofa for more formal conversations, Semi-soft is your go-to. If it’s for a cosy corner like a lounge or a playroom and you want total relaxation, make sure your sofa is a little softer - we call this Lounge.

Still need inspiration? Browse our full collection. Our Firm sofas include Define, Panorama and Pontone. For Semi-soft select Edge v2 or Surface. And for that true Lounge feeling meet Kite and Maho.


You also want to consider how much surface area your sofa will have. Bigger is not always better. If you over size your sofa it will make your room feel smaller!.

Here is how we decide on proportions: We recommend adding side tables on each side of your sofa and still leave about 2 feet between the tables and the side walls. If you prefer a large coffee table in front of your sofa instead, we recommend 3 feet between your sofa and the side walls. If your room is larger, consider adding a couple of loungers at 90 degrees of your sofa to create a rectangular shape. Again leave about 2 feet to allow flow of traffic. Finally, if you still have space, you could add a console table behind your sofa to give the room height with tall vases, flowers and accessories.


Think about whether or not you have a specific features in mind. Modular sofas may be a good idea if you like the chaise look for extra comfort (we love Pontone). If you prefer details like in-built trays to add some sophistication to your room- Surface and Maho are perfect for this. Or perhaps you prefer a sofa with no arms for a more modern look - have a look at Panorama, Surface and Define.

Another consideration is whether you have pets? In which case, look for loose covers which are easier to maintain and clean.


Finally, think about what kind of style and colour scheme works best for your space. Is your sofa the centrepiece? In which case, play with fabrics, colours or features (we love the colour of Define, the built-in trays of Maho and the luxurious fabric of Kite). Do you have a wall feature/artwork which should be the focus point? If the latter, opt for a sofa that complements rather than competes. Small details are best -  we love the folded angles of Pantone, the elegance of Egde v2 and the openness of Panorama’s delicate curves.

There you have it - your perfect sofa!. Now layer on some cushions. Maybe a throw? Add books on your coffee table or sides, a few candles and your favourite objects. Your space is ready, et voila!